Send A Letter

The Copyright Alliance (of which NANPA is a member) has set up a CASE ACT ACTION page where you can quickly send a letter supporting the CASE Act to your congressional representative and Senators. It takes less than a minute! You can send the form letter or draft your own. They also provide phone numbers and Twitter accounts.

Attend In-District Meetings

We are working with other groups to schedule meetings with congressional representatives in their home districts and get those meetings filled with creators.

If you would like to help set up or attend a meeting, let us know.

We are also sending out notices to NANPA members in districts we are specifically targeting, asking if they can attend.

Help Us Spread the Word

Help us spread the word about the CASE Act on social media. Use the primary hashtags #CASEAct and #MySkillsPayBills.

Tell Us Your Infringement Story

Do you have an infringement story to tell? We are collecting as many examples as we can and want to hear from you.

*Special thanks to our friends for permission to use the cartoons and graphics on this page (the Copyright Alliance, Professional Photographers of America and JP Schmelzer).

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