How NANPA Uses Social Media NANPA uses social media to communicate our message to the world at large, taking advantage of the way so many people communicate today.  NANPA also uses its social media reach to show member images, projects and accomplishments to the world, for those members who would like us to do so. This is a powerful benefit of NANPA membership! Help us spread the word with “likes”, “follows” and “retweets”! The more people who follow NANPA on social media, the more powerful our voice as an organization, and the better chance we have to reach new members.

NANPA Web and Social Media Policy. NANPA is an organization that respects its members and we will only post images to our social media where we believe we have the photographer’s permission to do so. At the same time, social media comes with a wide range of benefits, as well as some downsides when it comes to who and how someone might use your image.  Our goal is to be as transparent and honest as possible about how we use member images in social media so we have developed a “NANPA Website and Social Media Policy” that you can read to see how we handle things like permission, retraction of permission, watermarking, etc.

NANPA Social Media Options


NANPA Facebook Page. The NANPA Facebook Page is the page to follow for update to date news on NANPA and the world of nature photography. Because of the way Facebook works, not all of our posts here will make it to your personal feed, but check back periodically to see all the news.


NANPA Facebook Group Page. The NANPA Group Page is a “membership” page that works a bit differently. It is open to anyone who wishes to share their own nature photography with the rest of the group, hosted by a NANPA moderator. The focus of this FB group is nature photography including but not limited to macro, wildlife, landscape, underwater and night sky photography along with discussion of related questions and issues. Non-nature photography posts will not be allowed. The Page has periodic contests, too!


NANPA on Twitter. Twitter is a social network and micro blogging service that focuses on users posting short 140-character messages. You can find us at @NANPA_news.

NANPA on Instagram.  The NANPA Instagram name is @nanpapix. Post images to NANPA’s primary feed at #nanpapix and you might have your image reposted to our main feed. This is a great way to expand your Instagram presence! NANPA also allows takeovers of its Instagram account. Learn about takeovers.


NANPA on LinkedIn. Network and connect with NANPA through LinkedIn.

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