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TypeTitleLead PhotographerURLFee Required?DescriptionLevel of Photographer Offering is Geared TowardPhotographer's E-mail
Portfolio ReviewPortfolio ReviewJaymi Heimbuch, we work on strategies to improve not only your images but your presentations as well. Effective pitches and compelling captions can make the difference in communicating your story successfully and getting your photography seen by the world.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate;
WebinarTopic Tuesday: Wildlife Images With ImpactDawn Wilson you been in the field capturing great moments only to get home to find they lack impact. Let's chat about why and how you can improve those photos.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced;
WebinarTopic Tuesday: What's Your QuestionDawn Wilson is your opportunity to ask me anything—photography, wildlife, travel, Colorado, Alaska, RVs, etc. This free webinar, conducted via Zoom, is your chance to bring up that question that has been rolling around in your head but you are not sure who to ask.Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced;
WebinarLightroom CC for Wildlife & Landscape PhotographyLee Hoy course will cover an introduction to Lightroom CC including the interface, modules, toolbars, and and panels. We will learn about Lightroom Catalogs and how they are structured. This course will teach you how to use Lightroom CC to import, organize, develop, and geotag your images. Beginner/Novice; Intermediate; Advanced;
WebinarTopic Tuesday: Keywords and Hashtags for Your PhotosDawn Wilson Tuesday is a fun and informative weekly online class that will teach you tips and tricks to keep your photography fresh, help you learn new techniques and inspire you to travel to new destinations. This week's topic is Hashtags and Keywords for Your PhotosBeginner/Novice; Intermediate;
ClassLightroom Crash Course - Live!Mike Ince Lightroom live! We start at the beginning from importing and go all the way to exporting, visiting culling images, various Lightroom modules, editing, and, much more! You will watch me on my screen demonstrate as you follow along at home from start to finish of a typical Lightroom session.Beginner/Novice;
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